NBA Firm Caught Helping CCP

( )- Believe it or not, dubious links to the Chinese Communist Party are being found well outside of the realm of politics…and even in the National Basketball Association.

According to a report from The National Pulse, a venture capital firm that was supported by Kobe Bryant, the late National Basketball Association player, has invested in a number of companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party. Some of those firms have even been flagged by the United States Department of State as “tools” of the Chinese Communist Party.

Which is pretty serious.

Bryant Stibel, the firm in question, was founded in 2013 and took in over $100 million in initial funding from Bryant. It went on to invest in a myriad of companies across multiple industries. These included the Full Truck Alliance, VIPKid, and Alibaba – all companies with deep connections to the Chinese Communist Party, according to The Pulse.

Ever since 2016, the report reveals, the company has maintained heavy investments in VIPKid, an online learning platform backed by Tencent, which has been described as having zero ability to tell the Chinese Communist Party “no” if officials were asked for their assistance. Tencent Holdings Ltd is a Chinese multinational tech conglomerate holding company that was founded in 1998.

VIPKid has also partnered with several state-run Chinese news networks and outlets, including China Daily, and has even reportedly attempted to influence school curricula in Hong Kong by promoting false teachings about the famous Tiananmen Square protests.

The report also reveals how the Bryant Stibel fund invested in Alibaba along with China Investment Corporation, which is a CCP sovereign wealth fund controlled by current and former apparatchiks of the CCP.

And as for the Full Truck Alliance, which is an online commercial freight platform in China, it is co-funded by the China Reform Management private equity firm…which, you guessed it, is controlled by the CCP.

Just how far does CCP control and influence reach?