National Anthem Denied At World Cup

( )- According to reports, Mahsa Amini’s death from injuries she sustained after being arrested for “improperly” donning a hijab has sparked widespread protests in Iran.

Since Amini’s passing, Iranian men and women have protested against the regime’s harshness and have suffered as a result. The killing of Hadis Najafi, a potent symbol of the uprisings, the kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder of Nika Shakarimi, a woman being dragged by police and sexually assaulted by a gang of oppressive forces of the Islamic Republic, and sadly, a great deal more have all been faced by protesters. They have also faced being fired on with an AK-47.

The Iranian World Cup team declined to sing the national anthem before the game when they took the field for their first encounter on Monday. The gesture was made in solidarity with the widespread demonstrations that took place in Iran in the wake of Amini’s passing and the deadly crackdowns that followed.

In support of the players, the audience, which was primarily made up of Iranians, booed the national anthem.

After many supporters accused the team of supporting a violent state crackdown on the unrest, Iran’s World Cup team decided not to sing their national anthem before their opening World Cup match on Monday. This was done as a show of solidarity for the widespread protests back home.

Iran has been engulfed in protests calling for overthrowing the Shi’ite Muslim theocracy since Mahsa Amini died two months ago after being arrested for breaking the strict Islamic dress code.

The demonstrations by Iranians from all walks of life were one of the most persistent challenges to the cleric elite since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, but no Iranian player had supported them before the game.

One Iranian World Cup fan who begged not to be identified said, “We are all sad because our people are dying in Iran, but we are all proud of our team because they did not sing the national song – because it’s not our national (anthem), it’s only for the regime.”

The show of support for the demonstrators brought Iranians in the audience to tears.