NASA Won’t Be Renaming Telescope

( )- NASA has opted to stick by the name James Webb Telescope around a year after the launch of the telescope, despite the recent debate regarding the telescope’s namesake.

The examination into James E. Webb’s tenure as NASA administrator conducted by chief historian Brian Odom concluded that no relationship existed between him and the unlawful termination of LGBT federal employees. This information was disclosed by the agency last week.

Webb had been accused, in a few different circles, of having some sort of connection to the firings in the State Department during the “Lavender Scare” in the 1950s and the termination of gay NASA employee Clifford Norton in 1963.

In 2021, just before the telescope’s deployment, a group of astronomers produced an article for Scientific American stating that Webb’s legacy “at best is complex and at worst implies complicity in gay discrimination in the federal government.”

The four experts said that Webb was “held responsible for policies adopted under his supervision, including homophobic ones that were in place when he became NASA administrator.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Jane Rigby, the operations project scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope, voiced her support for the motion to rename the telescope.

Rigby wrote on Twitter that a revolutionary telescope must have a name for both discovery and inclusivity.

However, according to Odom’s analysis of more than 50,000 pages of historical documents from various archives, there is no evidence that Webb was even aware of Norton’s departure or any link to the direct firing of gay employees.

The woke movement seems to flow in one direction only.

The Navy named a warship after Harver Milk, the openly gay mayor of San Francisco who a councilman murdered.

“Randy Shilts, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and a personal friend of Harvey Milk, also served as Harvey Milk’s biographer. He stated the following about Milk’s ‘relationship’ with a 16-year-old boy –

“McKinley was seeking some type of father figure. At 33, Milk was beginning a new life, but he could barely have guessed the unexpected path his new lover would pull him.”

Milk’s name is still on the warship.

Wokeness is an attack on certain people. The right people are not subjected to any canceling.