NASA Issues “Woke” Message About Race Regarding Space Missions

( )- NASA is pledging to put a woman and a person of color on the moon next, meaning while, straight men need not apply for the next mission to the moon. It was a promise made in line with President Joe Biden’s far-left promise to prioritize women and non-white people in all areas of life, from space missions to the Supreme Court.

The latest news about NASA’s next mission to the moon is that Jessica Meir, already a NASA astronaut, has officially become a candidate to be the first woman to land on the moon. It’s part of the NASA Artemis lunar mission, which will see a Jewish person, a Swedish citizen, and the first woman to land on the lunar surface.

It’s not just the first time anyone has landed on the moon since 1972, but the first time that people have been chosen entirely based on their race and other immutable characteristics to head up the mission.

What about that is “equality”? Isn’t it patronizing to suggest that women and Jews can’t make it on their merits?

If anything, NASA’s approach to choosing the next people to step foot on the moon is…offensive.

During a press conference in anticipation of the Israeli Space Agency’s “Israel Space Week” celebrations, where she is a guest, Meir said that going to the moon would be a “dream come true.”

Meir is one of a number of candidates going head to head to be the first to walk on the moon in a 2025 Artemis mission.