NASA Is About To Blast Out Naked People Pictures To Space

( )- Apparently, NASA is preparing to send unsolicited nude pictures to aliens in the hope of communicating with lifeforms from beyond the earth.

Just wait until the aliens start their own #MeToo campaign!

Scientific American reported in great detail about how researchers led by Jonathan Jiang from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory published a paper online that detailed ideas for a new message intended for alien recipients. In the 13-page document, which is titled “Beacon in the Galaxy,” the researchers describe how they will attempt to communicate with aliens using basic mathematics, chemistry, and biology.

For the biology part, researchers plan to send basic drawings of the human anatomy – in the nude – to show what we look like.

The researchers also explained how the message should be broadcast at a certain time of year to ensure that the message reaches a dense ring of stars towards the center of the galaxy, giving it a greater chance of reaching a possible alien civilization that exists out there in the Milky way.

“The motivation for the design was to deliver the maximum amount of information about our society and the human species in the minimal amount of message,” Jiang said, adding that humans can today do much better than the Arecibo message that was sent into space in 1974.

When it eventually happens, the team says that they will first send a transmission of a prime number – something that wouldn’t just randomly happen in nature. They will then beam out a 10-numeral system that can be used to explain additional information, which will include the time and date that the message was first sent from earth.

As well as a sketch of the human body, scientists also plan to include a diagram of the solar system and the radio frequency that extraterrestrials should use if they wish to contact the earth.

You can read the full, amazing report here.

But, yeah, you can totally look at this as humans sending nudes to aliens, if you wish. It’s technically true.