Nancy Pelosi To Throw First Pitch During Gay Baseball Game

It’s no secret that California Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi supports homosexual rights. The former House speaker will now serve as the ceremonial first pitcher at an upcoming baseball event with a gay theme.

According to a report, the Washington Nationals will host their annual LGBTQ-themed event, “Night OUT,” on Tuesday during their game versus the Arizona Diamondbacks.

According to a statement released on Monday, the Nationals acknowledge the San Francisco representative for her dedication to advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

Meanwhile, back in Rep. Pelosi’s San Francisco, after having over $100,000 worth of items stolen from his tobacco business, an Afghan immigrant to America claims he has had it with the city’s crime.

Zaid, who co-owns Cigarettes R Cheaper in San Francisco’s Richmond District, stated to Fox News Digital that politicians must take control of the situation as it is more severe than that of Afghanistan or Iraq. The person talked about a recent robbery where a group of thieves broke into their store and stole around $80,000 worth of merchandise and twenty thousand dollars in cash. Zaid also mentioned the crime rate in the city.

Zaid mentioned that in Afghanistan, stealing is punished by having one’s hand cut off by the Taliban, which makes people reluctant to commit such a crime. 

But in San Francisco, he observes that there are people who steal from nearby stores daily.  Zaid explained that the police won’t take any action. He mentioned that the thieves spent twenty minutes in his store and had enough time to ransack it.  Zaid spoke of how the police informed him about their shortage of staff.

Zaid told Fox News Digital that the city has declined, particularly in the last two years due to COVID policies, and that he has never seen it this bad. Many individuals avoid shopping at this location due to concerns of theft or car break-ins.

Zaid stated that he would be forced to shut down his business without quick change.