Nancy Pelosi Suggests That She May Bar Unvaccinated GOP Members

( )- Controversial Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated On Friday that she may prevent elected members of Congress from entering the floor of the House of Representatives if they do not get vaccinated or defy her mask mandate. It would effectively allow the Democrats to prevent Republicans from voting on the floor if they do not wish to take the vaccine or comply with a rule requiring them to wear masks.

Isn’t this just a convenient way to make it easier for Democrats to pass extreme legislation without the Republicans getting in the way?

Pelosi made the shocking claim during her weekly press conference, in which she expressed her anger at House Republicans who removed their face coverings on the floor that week after the Centers for Disease Control issued new guidance recommending people stop wearing masks indoors and outdoors if they have been vaccinated.

Despite the new guidance, Pelosi and House Democrats shot down a resolution from House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy seeking to change the rules in the House.

Why won’t the Democrats…follow the science?

Pelosi used the press conference as an opportunity to paint Republicans as selfish.

“We have to wait for them to be vaccinated because they are selfishly an endangerment to other people, including staff people here,” Pelosi claimed.

But if those members of staff are vaccinated, they shouldn’t be in any danger if Republican members of Congress choose not to wear a mask or choose not to be vaccinated.

Pelosi said that many Republican members of the House have either not taken the vaccine or have not disclosed whether they have taken the vaccination. The comments suggested that the House Speaker believes that she has a right to know about other people’s private medical history.