Nancy Pelosi Says “WWIII” Isn’t Going To Happen

( )- Last Friday while in Berkeley, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi discussed the Russian invasion and declared that there would be no US troops on the ground in Ukraine.

Pelosi was on a tour of the research labs at UC Berkley to promote the toothless America COMPETES Act on Friday when she told reporters that the United States was “not going in.”

She said Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn’t going to provoke the West “into World War Three.”

Pelosi also voiced her support for the economic sanctions being imposed on Russia and said she didn’t believe a different course of action was needed at this time.

She praised President Biden, saying the country was “blessed” to have a president who is so knowledgeable about foreign affairs. (stop laughing!) And she said Biden’s sanctions were “very, very devastating to Russia.”

But the one thing that would be “very, very devastating to Russia” is the one thing the Biden administration will not do – namely, banning all imports of Russian oil and gas which are effectively funding Putin’s war in Ukraine. But rather than hit Putin where it would do the most harm, this White House will not even stop importing Russian oil into the United States.

Oddly enough, in her weekly press briefing this Thursday, Speaker Pelosi threw her support behind the growing push to ban Russian oil and gas imports.

Pelosi conceded that she doesn’t want to see gas prices rising for Americans, but added that she’s “all for” banning “the oil coming from Russia.”

Currently, the Biden administration’s harsh sanctions on Russia have exempted gas and oil. The White House has argued that banning Russian energy imports would create disruptions in oil and gas supplies worldwide.

The simplest solution, of course, would be to return to the energy policies of the Trump administration and restore US energy independence, a move this White House refuses to consider.

On Thursday, the Biden administration went so far as suggest Iran as a possible alternative source for oil as a way to wean the country off of Russian imports.