Nancy Pelosi Claims She Eats A Hotdog Every Day In D.C.

( )- During Biden’s state dinner with French President Emmanuel Macron, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that she eats a hotdog every day in the House Democratic cloakroom, according to Fox News.

The comment was made last Friday during a conversation with Macron and his wife, and President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, was also present and reportedly turned the conversation toward American cuisine, urging Biden to tell them his favorite meals.

“He said: ‘Hot dogs, ice cream, and spaghetti,’” Alexandra said, adding that her mother chimed in by saying that she eats hotdogs every day.

The president was with Macron until past midnight when he was seen drinking soda and chatting. The state dinner was part of a multi-day visit where the two world leaders discussed and reasserted the nation’s close friendship.

A day prior to the dinner, the two held a joint press conference where they discussed shared goals and differences in interests. Macron expressed doubt about Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, concerned about whether it would negatively impact Europe’s economy.

The act is a $740 billion spending package that invests in tax reform, health care, and climate programs. The package has been criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike, including Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders who doubted it will do much to curb inflation.

Biden made no apology for the package but recognized that some revisions could be made. White House officials have reportedly insisted that they will remain committed to their promise that “America is back” and the Inflation Reduction Act will not jeopardize America as a reliable ally.

Biden said that there was a lot that the two could work out but that ultimately the goal is to not have to rely on others’ supply chains.

“We are our own supply chain. And we share that with Europe and all of our allies. And they will, in fact, have the opportunity to do the same thing,” Biden said.