Mystery Submarine Washes Ashore On Beach 

( )- According to a report, the discovery of a strange item that resembles a submarine and washed up on a deserted beach has marine specialists perplexed and has spurred an investigation to determine the object’s origin and function. 

The yellow item was discovered on the coast of Double Island Point, a beach located in the Great Sandy National Park to the north of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

A man discovered it around five in the morning while traveling down the beach during low tide. He took photographs of it in an effort to identify it by comparing it to other sea-going objects. 

He told the outlet that in the years that he had been camping at Teewah beach, he had never seen anything in comparison. 

The item has a massive boat structure with a protrusion that houses two lights on one end and two rudders on its backside.   

According to the man, the yellow metal object seemed to look similar to items observed being trailed behind boats that were used for mapping the ocean bottom.   

The mystery object has been compared to several other things, including military rangefinders. Nevertheless, definitive identification of the mystery item has not been made. 

Kell Dillon, general manager of Queensland Maritime Safety, said the state was alerted that a buoy had run aground. 

According to Dillon, authorities are conducting an investigation to determine who the owner of the buoy is. They are also keeping an eye on the possibility that the buoy would refloat, and he has indicated he is prepared to take measures to safeguard it if required. 

According to reports, users on social media immediately began making crazy assumptions about the object.  

One commenter thought it resembled a small sub for exploration.

Another individual believed it was a channel marker, so it should be attached to the ocean floor. 

Another hypothesis said that it was the “Yellow Submarine” from The Beatles’ famous song, released in 1966.