Music Legend Suddenly Collapses On Stage

( )- According to people at the concert on Tuesday night, legendary artist Carlos Santana suddenly passed out while performing.

It has been reported that the guitarist, who is 74 years old, passed out while playing at the Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan. A reporter for the local Fox affiliate stated that medical professionals were present on the stage.

It has been alleged that audience members were urged to pray for Santana due to a “severe medical situation.”

In the past, the recipient of ten Grammy Awards had to postpone performances in December after undergoing treatment for a heart issue.

During this time, Santana addressed his health in a message he made on social media. “I’m here to crystalize and make it clear. Last Saturday, I had an incident where I asked my wife Cindy to take me to the hospital because I had this thing happening in my chest. So when we went there, we found out I needed to take care of it.”

Santana continued by saying that he would be taking some time off for a short while to make sure that he replenished and relaxed so that when he played, he would play the way he’s used to playing.

Santana, who turns 75 this month, had to postpone his residency in Las Vegas that month due to what his management characterized as an “unscheduled” cardiac treatment. But the next month, he resumed residence, and in late March, he began another North American tour that has lasted ever since. Earth, Wind & Fire’s tour is expected to run through the end of August. The performer is scheduled to continue his lengthy tenure at the House of Blues in Las Vegas just two weeks later and perform there until the end of September before returning for two more weeks in November.

As part of their Miraculous Supernatural tour, Earth, Wind and Fire performed at the concert that took place on Tuesday night. According to ticket outlets, the event was rescheduled from performances that were postponed initially between August 2020 and July 2021.