Multiple “Spies” Arrested In Iran

( )- Iran says they have apprehended three Mossad operatives in the country’s southeast.

The claim is that the three were involved in disseminating classified information and documents.

According to the semi-official Fars News Agency, Iranian security nabbed three Mossad operatives in the Sistan and Baluchestan Province in southeast Iran, near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, on Wednesday.

The Iranian news agency IRNA reports that more information regarding the case will be provided later.

Smugglers and terrorists frequently clash in the province.

According to IRNA, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry in West Azerbaijan stated in March that it had uncovered an Israeli espionage network in Iran.

The ministry claims that the espionage network attempted to carry out acts of sabotage within Iran by using Iranians. They also said that those who endanger the people’s and society’s security must either die, be harmed, or surrender to the law.

According to Fars News Agency, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said in July of last year that it had apprehended a network of Mossad operatives and recovered a large consignment of guns and ammunition after crossing the country’s western border.

For years, Iran and Israel have waged a clandestine war that includes cyber warfare, assassinations, drone strikes, and information operations on social media sites.

Last month, an unidentified Telegram user published data purportedly belonging to Mossad head David Barnea.

In March, a suspected cyberattack brought down a number of Israeli government websites. The interior, health, justice, and welfare ministries’ websites and the Prime Minister’s office were taken offline.

The arrests were announced as discussions between Iran and Western powers tried to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement, which Israel fiercely opposes. The talks have stagnated.

Iran refuses to recognize Israel, accusing it of targeting nuclear facilities and assassinating nuclear experts.

In Sistan-Baluchestan, populated mainly by Sunni ethnic Baluchis, a minority in predominately Shia Iran, Iranian security forces frequently struggle with armed drug dealers and Sunni terrorists.

Baluchi protestors allege ethnic and religious persecution and accuse the administration of ignoring their region on purpose. According to government statistics, Sistan-Baluchestan is Iran’s poorest province.