Mullin Does Not Believe America Should Send Aid to Gaza

On Tuesday, Senator Markwayne Mullin informed Newsmax that Gaza should not get any funding as part of the Biden administration’s planned assistance package for Israel.

On Newsmax’s “National Report,” the Oklahoma Republican said the administration’s planned assistance package is severely flawed.

Unfortunately, some of that cash is on its way to Gaza. Now is not the time to transfer money into Gaza. In a way, that’s an insult to our Israeli friends and allies.

Senator Mullin, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said once again that he would not support any measures that will fund Gaza during the current conflict. We should be helping Israel instead of its opponents.

The senator continued by saying that the government may promise help to the people there.

Mullin, however, emphasized that this cannot be guaranteed. Currently, Hamas is in charge of the government. They’re going to accept help. They’ll feed their militants first, and they’ll want to treat them medically.

He went on to say that Hamas wouldn’t place Palestinian civilians in their military areas, they wouldn’t store weapons in schools and hospitals, and they wouldn’t use civilians as human shields if they truly cared about them.

Mullin stressed the need for the Palestinian people to rise up against Hamas. Now is the moment for them to rise up in rebellion against them.

In late October, the Stop Support for Hamas Act was co-introduced by Pete Ricketts (R-Nev.) and Tim Scott (R-S.C.), both members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Senator Scott emphasized the need to take preventative measures to prevent any tax money from the United States from going to Hamas.

Hamas has used aid money and programs to strengthen its grip over Gaza and launch terrorist assaults on defenseless people. A crucial step in standing with our partner Israel in its battle against terror is to end U.S. financing for these initiatives.

According to Senator Ricketts, Hamas has spent years using stolen and misused foreign funding in Gaza to pursue its aim to destroy Israel.