MTG Hones In On Hunter Biden’s Character Flaws In Hearing

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican, said she was “uncomfortable” sharing Congress nude images of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter but that “the American people deserve to see” them.

On Wednesday, Greene used a meeting before the House Oversight Committee to display images showing Hunter Biden engaging in sexual activity with prostitutes.

Black boxes hide Biden’s genitalia and the faces of anyone who isn’t Biden, but the photographs make it plain that Biden is naked and having sexual relations.

Two IRS employees, Gary Shapley Jr., and Joseph Ziegler, who have challenged the DOJ’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax evasion, testified before the committee.

Some Democrats criticized Greene for her choice to show the photos.

In her concluding comments, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the photos “pornographic” and evidence of Republicans’ “new low.”

(Meanwhile, democrats have no problem with similar pictures being in books distributed in schools to grade school children.)

Representative Jamie Raskin said it was “an assault on the dignity of the committee.”

It should be noted that the Biden administration had a naked transgender on the white house lawn earlier in the month.

Greene, an outspoken Biden critic, claimed that the DOJ was “politically motivated” and “protecting Joe Biden” by not thoroughly investigating the president’s son.

In a plea deal with the Department of Justice finalized in June, Hunter Biden admitted guilt on two charges of criminal failure to pay income tax.

Joe, Hunter Biden, and the Justice Department have denied that they have been overly lenient in their inquiry.

Greene testified before a committee and claimed that Hunter Biden had his firm pay for prostitutes, and then HUnter claimed the money was a legitimate business cost. 

The IRS witness, Ziegler, said that he could not corroborate the claim but that there were deductions for what he assumed to be escorts.