MSNBC Host Wants Judge in Rittenhouse’s Trial Replaced

( )- It’s been a bad couple of weeks for MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross. She barely had a chance to recover from the devastating defeat of Terry McAuliffe at the hands of those “racist” voters in Virginia before she was forced to come to grips with the fact that everything she and her network have claimed about Kyle Rittenhouse was a lie.

On Wednesday, Cross had a Twitter meltdown over the judge in Rittenhouse’s trial. Judge Bruce Schroeder isn’t permitting the prosecution to make a mockery of the justice system and poor Tiffany just can’t deal with it.

After the judge handed the prosecution another slap-down, Tiffany vented her rage on Twitter, fretting that Schroeder “is CLEARLY BIASED!!!!!!” Oh no. All caps and six exclamation points. That’s how you know Tiffany MEANS BUSINESS!!!!!!

In a follow-up tweet, Tiffany tagged her fellow MSNBC contributor, the CLEARLY BIASED Elie Mystal asking “How can this judge be removed?”

Mystal burst Tiffany’s bubble by explaining that Schroeder can’t be removed because he is elected. And even if he gets disciplined, it wouldn’t remove him from the Rittenhouse trial. But Mystal commiserated with Tiffany, adding that if Rittenhouse “gets off,” he can’t be retried by another judge because of double jeopardy. That darn Constitution!

Then Mystal said he called it two weeks ago when he said Rittenhouse “is gonna walk.”

Yes, that’s because he shot those men in self-defense. But neither Tiffany nor Elie Mystal wants to come to terms with that bit of reality. Because both Tiffany and Mystal are CLEARLY BIASED!!!!!!

Judge Schroeder was first appointed to the court in 1983 by Wisconsin Democrat Governor Anthony Earl (CLEARLY BIASED!!!!!!). Since then, he has been reelected to the court multiple times. Most recently, in 2020, when Schroeder was elected to a 6-year term.

The fact is, the trial is not going the way these leftist lunatics expected. For over a year, the media has lied about what happened in Kenosha that night in August. Despite the existence of video evidence, they created the false narrative that Rittenhouse brought a gun “across state lines” (he didn’t) to target and kill peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters. They called him a domestic terrorist and a White Supremacist – the latter a rather confusing claim given the three men he shot were all white.

It doesn’t matter to them that video footage from the night backs up Kyle Rittenhouse. It doesn’t matter that even the prosecution’s own witnesses back him up either.

They want him locked up for the rest of his life. And Tiffany Cross sees Judge Schroeder as an obstacle to the mob justice she so desperately desires.