Mother Goes To School Board Meeting With Photo Evidence Exposing School Officials

( )- During a recent school board meeting in Montgomery County, Virginia, one of the board members abruptly walked out after a parent confronted her with photographic evidence that showed the board member’s hypocrisy on wearing masks.

In a viral video, the parent, whose name was not revealed, confronted the board, telling them that Virginia parents were ready to take power away from school boards and give it back to parents.

She blasted the board for last year preaching to parents about complying with former Governor Ralph Northam’s executive orders on COVID and asking why Governor Youngkin’s executive orders aren’t given the same deference.

She pointed out the board’s hypocrisy in demanding Northam’s executive orders be followed while ignoring Youngkin’s executive order on masking.

She called on one school board member directly, pointing out that she had shouted at parents for taking off their masks. Then the parent held up her smartphone and revealed a picture of that board member surrounded by a crowd of people with no mask on.

The board member in question tried to stop her, but the parent would not let her interrupt.

Finally, someone else cut off the parent’s microphone, telling her she wasn’t permitted to “disparage a member of our school board.” This board member then asked for a police officer to step in.

The officer came over to the podium and asked the parent to leave, then returned to his post by the door.

The board member whose picture was displayed was still complaining that parents shouldn’t be permitted to show photos of board members or their families. Then said, “I’m done! Either she leaves or I do.”