Most Americans Think Biden’s Speech Was Designed To Incite

( )- President Biden’s speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia prompted tremendous backlash from conservatives and Republicans who were thrown under the bus—as they usually are—in what was evidently divisive rhetoric hurled forth. In what has become known as Biden’s “battle for the soul of the nation” speech, Biden called “MAGA Republicans” extremists.

“Equality and Democracy are under assault. We do ourselves no favor to pretend otherwise,” Biden said while in front of a red ominous backdrop. “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

He then reiterated those comments on Labor Day during a speech in Milwaukee after calling a heckler an “idiot.”

“Look, extreme MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and our economic security, they embrace political violence.”

As it turns out. The speech has not been popular with many Americans. A recent poll found that a majority of Americans believe that the president’s speech was designed to be purposefully divisive.

The pollster Trafalgar Group for the conservative group Convention of States Action found that 57% of Americans believe that the speech represented a “dangerous escalation in rhetoric,” according to Summit News. The poll also shows a stunning political divide as 89% of Republicans and 62% of independents said that they felt the speech was designed to be incite conflict, while only 18.7% of Democrats said the messaging is divisive.

In what might not seem so shocking, over 70% of Democrats said that it is “acceptable” for the Biden to say that “MAGA Republicans” represent “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” the outlet reported.

Despite the deep and stark divide between the left and the right on whether or not the speech constituted divisive rhetoric, the poll shows that a majority of Americans found the speech to be so.

When you couple this finding with previous polling we did indicating a majority of voters also hold President Biden responsible for America’s divisions—it’s clear that the man who promised to unite the nation has become the most divisive President in American history,” Mark Meckler, President of the Convention of States said.

Breitbart reportedly noted that the speech was at least in part written by Jon Meacham, a former national affairs editor at Newsweek, who previously attacked Trump supporters as having “lizard brains.” He is also a supporter of Critical Race Theory and the now-debunked 1619 Project.