Most Americans Now Want Pelosi To Take A Brain Test, Research Finds

( )- According to a survey from McLaughlin and Associates, the majority of Americans believe that President Joe Biden may not be cognitively capable of fulfilling his role as president and that he should undergo a cognitive test.

Some 58% of respondents said that Biden should undergo a test, and 55% say that Biden won’t last an entire term and will likely be replaced by Vice President Kamala Harris sometime before 2024.

The survey was conducted after the president embarrassed himself on the world stage, including telling U.S. soldiers that they would be deployed to Ukraine and even calling for regime change in Russia…only to claim that he didn’t do either.

The poll asked 1,000 American adults about their views on the president and even found that many also believe 81-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should also be forced to take cognitive tests to ensure that she can properly fulfill her role in government. Some 61% said it’s time for Pelosi to take the test and publish the results.

“This means six in 10 voters view either our president, the vice president or both as incompetent. This is a very disturbing result at a time when inflation is rampant and war is threatening the world,” the polling company wrote in a statement shared with Newsmax.

When a majority of Americans don’t believe the president will make it to the end of a full term, and even more think that he needs to take a cognitive test, the Democrats should probably stop and take notice.

While they’re unlikely to force the president to take the test – presumably knowing he wouldn’t perform well – Democrats are almost certainly working behind the scenes to determine who might be a better candidate in 2024.