Most Americans Agree There Are Only 2 Genders

( )- A new Rasmussen Reports survey just revealed how some three in four American adults don’t agree with far-left Democrats on transgenderism. The study found how 63% of respondents agree strongly with the statement “There are two genders, male and female.”

Only 18% of respondents disagreed.

Hear that, Kamala Harris? People don’t buy your nonsense.

The study also showed how majorities in every single category agree that there are only two genders – not three, and not hundreds, and not infinity – but found that most Republicans are more likely to accept this reality than Democrats.

47% of Democrats even agreed with the statement, meaning that the radical ideas pushed by their party leaders are only supported by roughly half of their electorate. So, why on earth are these insane ideas being considered normal?

A portion of a portion of the American public believes that there are more than two genders – but every celebrity and movie star tells us it’s normal, and wants to cancel us if we don’t agree.

Some 82% of Republicans agreed with this obvious scientific truth, too, and a massive 60% of independents also agreed.

Here’s what this means:

Americans don’t side with social justice warriors, and if the Democrats lose in 2022, it’s their own fault.