“Morning Joe” Crew Mocks Questions Of Judge Jackson During SCOTUS Hearing

(RoyalPatriot.com )- MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” spent last Tuesday laughing at and mocking Republican Senate Judiciary members over some of their questioning of Biden’s SCOTUS nominee Ketani Brown Jackson during last week’s confirmation hearings.

Host Joe Scarborough played clips from the hearing featuring some of the questions Republican Senators asked, then he and his guests proceeded to make fun of them.

They took special delight in mocking Senator Lindsey Graham asking Jackson to rate her Christian faith on a scale of one to ten. Guest Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post joked that rating faith on a scale is “somewhere in Deuteronomy,” prompting that oaf Scarborough to below “Holy cow!”

Scarborough then accused the Republicans of “Grievance Signaling,” saying the only reason Graham brought up Jackson’s faith was to get back at Dianne Feinstein for telling Amy Coney Barrett “the dogma lives in you.”

Scarborough gave other examples of “grievance signaling,” including the treatment of judge Robert Bork in the 1980s.

He also made fun of Lindsey Graham for storming out of the hearing and made fun of Ted Cruz for citing different inappropriate children’s books from the private school where Jackson serves as a trustee.

Watch the segment HERE.

MSNBC, along with every other corporate news outlet, worked tirelessly last week trying to smear Republicans as “racist” while portraying their lines of questioning as petty and irrelevant.

The goal is obvious.

In addition to running cover for Biden’s extremely radical pick, the media wants to portray the Republicans as the ones who are out of touch with the country.

And while that might fly within the media bubble, it will be a hard sell among ordinary Americans.