More People Now Believe Joe Biden Profited Off His Son’s Business Ties

( )- Remember how the left-wing press and the social media platforms purposely worked to suppress the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 presidential election? Well, despite the media helping out Joe Biden in those final weeks of his campaign, the American people still believe that the story is incredibly important.

Not only that, but the American people also reportedly believe that President Joe Biden “perhaps profited” from his son’s many business ventures in China, Russia, and Ukraine.

And we know all about those business ventures because the famous Hunter Biden laptop, which was abandoned at a computer repair store in Delaware, contained emails revealing his complex overseas business deals and how his father – who he called the “Big Guy” – was making money from the same deals. Hunter Biden’s emails and text messages also seemed to suggest that the president, during his time as vice president, even helped facilitate some of these deals.

A new survey from Rasmussen Reports, which was first provided to the author of “Laptop From Hell” Miranda Devine, reveals how 48% of Americans believe that the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop is “very important.”


Writing in the New York Post, Devine said that the poll proves that Biden’s legitimacy as president is questionable because of this entire scandal, and added that it proved the media failed when it didn’t report on the laptop story before election day.

“This goes to Biden’s very legitimacy as president and shows that the media’s failure to report the laptop story really was election interference. It is an epic scandal that refuses to go away,” Devine said.

Imagine what might have happened in 2020 if journalists had done their job and reported on this scandal…