More Hunter Biden Crimes Found On Laptop

( If you thought the pornography and disturbing text messages on Hunter Biden’s laptop were disturbing, then you’re about to be shocked some more. On Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, yet more information was revealed about the contents of the laptop that were obtained by the New York Post in November last year.

A War Room guest commentator appeared on the show to read out text messages from the laptop which appear to confirm reports that Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden’s sister-in-law who was also his girlfriend at the time, stole his gun in 2018 resulting in an intervention from the Secret Service.

Yes, Hunter Biden had an affair with the wife of his dead brother, Beau Biden.

Bannon couldn’t help but laugh as the texts were read out, and then brought on former personal attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, to discuss the scandal.

“He made a false statement on an application for a gun,” Giuliani said, referencing the revelation that Hunter Biden claimed to not be a user of illegal drugs when purchasing the firearm.

“Saying he wasn’t a drug addict, we don’t want drug addicts owning guns,” Giuliani said, before describing how Hallie Biden “stole a gun” and illegally possessed it before leaving it in a trash can in front of a school.

Can you imagine if President Donald Trump’s children did this? Eric Trump, the former president’s second son, speculated on Fox News what would happen if he’d have committed these crimes.

“Obviously, Hunter is a troubled kid, right?” he told Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“There’s no question about that. But if that was Don or I, or if that was anybody in the Trump family, and we lied on a federal form, we’d be in jail for the rest of our lives,” he added. “We really would be.”

Eric Trump’s comments sparked a fierce debate and mockery from left-wing activists on Twitter, with many opting to criticize Eric Trump for his appearance rather than addressing the fact that Trump’s family is treated differently than Biden’s family.

Take one look at unhinged tweets like this, and it’s clear that the tolerant left isn’t as tolerant as they claim they are.

What’s wrong with them?

On Bannon’s show, Giuliani agrees that anybody else would be prosecuted for lying as Hunter did, and Steve Bannon lashed out at the media for ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“That hard drive was turned over in December of 2019,” he said. “Chris Wray had that. Bill Barr had that. Joe Biden wouldn’t have been the nominee.”

President Donald Trump would probably still be president if the world knew about that laptop, too…