Mo Brooks Unloads On Media Hack Defending Chinese Communists

( )- On Tuesday, a group of House Republicans cosponsoring the Fire Fauci Act held a press conference discussing their bill to reduce Dr. Fauci’s annual salary to zero.

And in his remarks, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) hammered not only Fauci, but the Communist Chinese Party as well.

Note, the video has some playback issues – almost as if Twitter doesn’t want it posted to its platform.

In response to Brooks’ harsh words against the Communist Chinese Government, a dopey reporter once again tried to frame attacks against the CCP as a threat to Chinese Americans.

This isn’t a new narrative.

In fact, throughout the COVID pandemic, Democrat politicians and the American corporate news media parroted Chinese propaganda claiming any attacks against the CCP were “racist” and would foment violence against Asian Americans.

The collective outrage every time President Trump referred to COVID as the “China virus” followed this same CCP propaganda to a tee.

While she was still in the US Senate, Kamala Harris introduced a Senate resolution condemning the use of the terms “Wuhan virus,” “Chinese virus” and “Kung flu.” In the resolution, Harris cited both the UN and the World Health Organization’s claims that using such terms are “racist.” Naturally the resolution claims, without evidence, that the use of these terms was “linked” to incidents of “anti-Asian violence.”

So it is hardly surprising this reporter would parrot these claims in response to Brooks’ brutally honest assessment of the CCP’s complicity in the spread of this pandemic and the crippling economics costs that followed.

But Brooks didn’t take the question lying down. Instead of back-peddling or offering a mealy-mouthed apology, Brooks hit back. He reminded the reporter that the Communist Chinese Party reject our Bill of Rights and everything our Republic stands for, and called the reporter’s attempt to conflate Chinese Americans with the Communist Chinese Party “egregious and wrong.”

Brooks clearly understood that the purpose of the reporter’s question was to shut down all honest criticism of the CCP’s use of gain of function research to manipulate and weaponize viruses. And instead of doing that, Brooks doubled down.

Watch his response HERE.

This is exactly how every Republican should respond to manipulative questions from the corporate news media.