M&M Brings Back Characters After Backlash For Taking Them Away

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A Super Bowl LVII M&Ms commercial saw the return of the familiar colorful characters absent since a marketing stunt began with a tweet featuring Maya Rudolph instead of the customary talking but still somewhat frighteningly edible “spokescandies.”

M&Ms tweeted a joke statement that shouldn’t have been taken too seriously, stating they were taking an indefinite hiatus after a public, semi-controversial discussion over alterations to the characters.

However, the controversy began last year when Mars Wrigley stated it was redesigning the M&Ms anthropomorphized candy-covered chocolates to make them more contemporary, representative, and inclusive—a change that many online commenters summed up as an effort to make the line-up more “woke.”

The business reimagined some M&M characters as part of the revamp, giving them new looks and bizarrely detailed backstories.  To make the green M&M less “sexy,” according to the brand, they shortened her legs and gave her shoes instead of high heels.

After the announcement, conservatives on Twitter, blogs, and some Fox News hosts, like Tucker Carlson, expressed amusement, bewildered scorn, and even indignation. Liberals on Twitter, blogs, and some MSM commentators expressed similar views regarding the feelings of the conservatives.

Since that tweet at the end of January, Rudolph has been featured in the company’s advertising campaign as the new face of the product.

However, Sunday night’s Super Bowl commercial announced the return of the talking candies, a marketing strategy similar to the Coke, New Coke, and Classic Coke scheme. It was all an epic troll.

Whatever the company does, the majority of individuals probably won’t make up their minds about eating M&Ms or not based on the use or un-use of a candy mascot that talks.

When it comes right down to it, M&Ms or too ubiquitous at this point, with no apparent rival product. M&Ms could do nearly anything in a commercial, and people would still eat them.