Mitt Romney’s Polling Is Dwindling

According to a report, 41% of Utah voters favor Sen. Mitt Romney’s performance, while 49% do not approve and 10% don’t know, according to a recent survey conducted by The Deseret News and the Hinckley Institute of Politics.

In March, a survey conducted by the Deseret News and the Hinckley Institute of Politics found that 52% of Utah voters strongly or somewhat approved of Romney’s performance. His approval rating has dropped by 11 points.

Among Republican voters, 51% highly or moderately disapprove of Romney’s performance, which may affect his decision to seek reelection to the U.S. Senate, which he is now considering.

A report shows professor of political science at Utah State University Josh Ryan remarked that genuine conservatives are looking for individuals who truly connect with their conservative foundation and differentiate themselves from other candidates.

According to the Deseret News, Romney submitted his campaign paperwork to the Federal Election Commission in April. This will provide him the opportunity to fundraise and operate a possible reelection campaign.

Romney recently said that he would decide whether or not to run again in the summer or autumn, with his choice being influenced by what he believes he can do in the Senate.

In response to Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah’s claim that former President Donald Trump brought a recent indictment “upon himself,” Riverton, Utah Mayor and Senate hopeful Trent Staggs blasted Romney, accusing him of being weak in the face of the “weaponization” of the Justice Department’s actions against political opponents.

Staggs accused President Joe Biden of abusing his position of authority in order to weaponize the Department of Justice against a political opponent. It is banana republic behavior.

Staggs criticized Mitt Romney for giving a weak response, suggesting that he lacked courage.  He concluded that the Senate is not about upholding the Constitution but rather for settling his petty grudges.

The Riverton mayor expressed concern about the current times we are living in, stating that both political parties should be worried. The mayor sees current events as a warning that we need to come together and take action.