Mitt Romney Tries To Publicly Shame Clarence Thomas

( )- Last week, the accommodating squish of a Senator, Mitt Romney, dismissed Justice Clarence Thomas as an “outlier” on the Supreme Court.

After political reporter Matt Laslo pestered Romney about the concurring opinion Justice Thomas wrote in the Dobbs decision that suggested it might be worth reconsidering the Obergefell gay marriage ruling, Romney dismissed Thomas’s opinion, saying Thomas opened “a lot of doors” that none of the other justices will “walk through.”

Laslo was pestering senators about gay marriage because the House passed a bill “codifying” same-sex into federal law.


Who knows?

Same-sex marriages are already allowed nationwide. Marriage laws are state matters, not federal matters. So passing a bill “codifying” same-sex marriage on the federal level is both pointless and a waste of time.

But because some House Republicans refused to fall for the stunt, reporters are wasting no time badgering Senate Republicans while pretending Justice Thomas has the power to somehow singlehandedly “overturn” Obergefell.

In his concurring opinion, Thomas said Obergefell, Griswold, and Lawrence were determined by the same “substantive due process” reasoning as Roe v. Wade, and the court has a duty to “correct the error” established in those precedents.

The ruling on Dobbs made it clear that the decision is limited only to abortion because abortion is distinctly unique in that it affects the life of another human being.

But the Democrat Party is desperate to use Roe v. Wade as an election issue. The party knows that abortion alone will not motivate its base, so it pretends that gay marriage and access to contraception are also under threat.

So they concoct these stupid bills to “codify” same-sex marriage and contraception into federal law, throw in a bunch of poison pills into the bills knowing the Republicans will oppose them, then when Republicans vote no, they screech that Republicans want to “ban” same-sex marriage and contraception.

It is craven and cynical. But the American corporate news media happily plays along.