Mitt Romney Tells Biden To Immediately Remove “Woke” Advisers

( )- Writing in the Wall Street Journal last Wednesday, Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney fussily complained about the Biden administration’s “errors” in handling the economy and inflation.

Romney suggested that Biden “ditch his woke advisors” and replace them “with people who want to get the economy working again.”

This reveals the depth of Romney’s naïveté.

The Biden administration doesn’t want the economy working. It wants to completely remake the economy into an unsustainable “green” economy. And to do that, it first needs to destroy the economy we have.

A lot of establishment Republicans are operating under the same misguided notion as Romney.

This isn’t the Democrat Party of 2004. The reason there are so many “woke” advisors in the Biden administration is that they reflect the current push from the Democrat Party.

It’s also deeply naïve of Mitt Romney to think Joe Biden is the one calling the shots in this administration. Biden isn’t going to “ditch” anybody because Biden isn’t in charge.

Romney also whined about the Biden administration causing inflation by ramming through the multi-trillion-dollar spending bills and crippling the US energy sector.

Romney appears to forget that one of those trillion-dollar spending bills that advanced green energy, government spending, and further crippled fossil fuel production was the so-called “bipartisan” Infrastructure spending bill. And who helped craft that bill?

Mitt Romney.

The only thing more useless than Republicans sending angry letters to the Biden administration is Republicans writing fussy op-eds in the Wall Street Journal.

Romney is not a war-time Republican.

He doesn’t want to stop the Biden administration; he wants to work with the administration by urging Biden to move to the center.

And in so doing, Romney reveals that he has no idea what the country is up against.

Romney believes Biden has worsened the economy and inflation through “errors.” But these aren’t “errors” at all. This is all by design.

And until Mitt Romney recognizes that he is of no use in the fight against the Left.