Mitt Romney Suggests He Wants A “Social Engineering” Socialist Takeover

( )- This video is downright scary.

iOTWreport reports that during an interview with Sutherland Institute, Romney claimed that the only reason “social engineering” fails is because socialist leaders have wrong goals.

The interviewer from Sutherland states to Romney that there’s a sensitivity if anybody can claim social engineering within a bill, but we’ve engineered home ownership and drug abuse prevention education all kinds of things through very clear incentives.

Romney jumps in and says that we social engineer in a negative way. The social engineering of government support programs right now encourages people not to get married. You will lose benefits, you lose Medicaid, housing vouchers, child tax credit. All these things, you lose them if you get married because your income gets combined with your spouse and you reach a higher income level. The benefits are reduced. The highest marginal tax rate in America is for a person who gets married and then losing their benefits by virtue of having their their income combined with their spouse.

“So we are social engineering in a big way against marriage. Funny thing, marriage is going down. So, get rid of that, get rid of the penalty for marriage and instead just say, look if your household has $10,000 in income, you get the benefit.”

Romney wants to introduce his socialist plan with taxpayer dollars to pay people for merely having children.

Romney says that he wants to use “social engineering” using socialist payout programs to change America’s demographics.

This comes just a few days after he announced that families with illegal immigrants should get free money in his government handouts-

Mitt Romney has just announced a plan for the government to pay low-income families to start BABY MILLS. But that’s not the worst part!

Romney is also planning to give taxpayer money to families with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to have more children on American soil.

This is madness. It’s so moronic that only Mitt Romney himself could’ve dreamed this up!

Romney is a socialist. He just has different priorities on how to spend other people’s money.