Mitch McConnell is Trying Too Cool Off Rhetoric Surrounding Supreme Court

( )- When it comes to the confirmation hearings for President Biden’s upcoming SCOTUS pick, Senate Republicans don’t plan to follow the Democrats’ crazy playbook by it into an insane circus.

According to a report in The Hill, as he plots his party’s strategy, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to keep the drama at a minimum.

While McConnell is urging President Biden to resist choosing a nominee to appease the far-Left crazies in the Democrat party, The Hill said he is also cautioning Republicans not to take a page from the Democrats’ playbook, and instead keep the confirmation battle civil.

Even the most outspoken Republican Senator wouldn’t pull the kind of garbage the Democrats pulled during the last three SCOTUS confirmation hearings. So The Hill seems to be overstating McConnell’s concerns.

This week, McConnell told reporters Senate Republicans will treat Biden’s nominee with respect and go through the process “in a serious, thoughtful way.”

Senator John Cornyn said there wouldn’t be a replay of the kind of vitriolic nastiness that we saw from Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Senate Judiciary Republican Ted Cruz said Republicans on the committee and McConnell agreed that they will focus on the nominee’s record, credentials, and public statements. What they will not do, Cruz said, “is engage in the kind of partisan circus of personal smears” the Democrats routinely use.

Well, of course not. Republicans aren’t insane lunatics who would destroy a person just to cling to power.

The truth is, no amount of insanity would stop Biden’s nominee from getting confirmed. The Democrats with the help of Vice President Tie-Breaker have the fifty-one votes necessary to confirm Biden’s pick without a single Republican vote.

And since the 6 to 3 make-up of the Supreme Court will remain unchanged, Republicans would be fools to pull anything off-the-wall this close to a midterm election.

This is something the Democrats failed to grasp during the Kavanaugh confirmation in the fall of 2018. Voters were so disgusted by Senate Democrats’ behavior that, despite retaking the House, the Democrats ended up losing several key seats in the Senate during the November midterms.