Military Vets Sue Biden Administration Over Disgraceful New Rule

According to a report, lawsuits are being filed in opposition to a rule enacted by the Biden administration that prohibits stabilizing braces with pistols.

Attorney General Merrick Garland stated in a press release at the rule’s introduction that the rule would target those who attempted to convert pistols into short-barreled rifles.

According to those suing to block the rule, the federal action is a misguided overreach.

According to reports, Marine veterans Darren Britto of Amarillo, Texas, Gabriel Tauscher of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and Shawn Kroll of Hartland, Wisconsin, have filed a lawsuit against the rule.

Britto stated that the brace enables him to use a pistol despite the effects of a rotator cuff injury.

Britto explained that you could not place a rifle stock in your shoulder if you have issues due to an injury or limitation. By affixing the brace to the forearm, you will have greater control over the firearm.

The Firearms Policy Coalition and two Texans, William Mock and Christopher Lewis, have also filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, its director, the Department of Justice, and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

According to the lawsuit, the rule originated from campaign pledges made by President Joe Biden during his run for the White House.

According to a report, Cody Wisniewski, the coalition’s senior attorney for constitutional litigation, explained that federal agencies do not have the authority to write new laws, yet the ATF continues to attempt to expand its power through the federal rulemaking process. Stabilizing braces are not novel. The rule will instantly turn millions of law-abiding people into felons for possessing a firearm that has been permitted for ownership for many years.

According to Wisconsin Institute for Liberty & Law Deputy Counsel Dan Lennington, a national gun registry gives the government the means to confiscate weapons.

He said the Biden Administration has no authority to reclassify pistols as rifles, and his team will vigorously defend the Second Amendment in federal court.