Mike Pence Tries To Publicly Attack Donald Trump Once Again

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Last Monday, former Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Georgia to campaign with Governor Brian Kemp on the eve of Georgia’s primary.

Pence joined Kemp at a campaign rally in an airport hangar north of Atlanta where the former VP described the Georgia governor as “one of the most successful conservative governors in America.”

Calling Kemp his friend and “a man dedicated to faith, family, and the people of Georgia,” Pence said he was proud to give his “full support for four more years.”

Pence told the crowd that saying yes to Brian Kemp sends the message that “the Republican Party is the party of the future.”

Naturally, some saw that remark as Mike Pence taking an indirect shot at his former boss, Donald Trump over Trump’s refusal to move on from the 2020 presidential election. However, Pence never mentioned Trump a single time in his stump speech.

During the rally, the Georgia governor said he was “honored” to have Mike Pence’s support and he praised Pence for his “commitment to building a safer, stronger America.”

The previous week, former President Trump once again attacked Governor Kemp in a statement, describing Kemp as the “worst ‘election integrity’ Governor in the country.” Trump accused Kemp of bringing in RINO Republicans to campaign for him, including former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska.

Trump, who was backing former Senator David Purdue in his primary challenge against Kemp, claimed that voting for Brian Kemp in last Tuesday’s primary will be a “continuation of bad elections.”

However, Trump’s endorsement of Purdue in Tuesday’s primary failed to stop Governor Kemp from securing the nomination.

Kemp didn’t just win; he won in a landslide, carrying every county in the state and garnering 73.7 percent of the vote. David Purdue finished a far distant second with only 21.8 percent.