Mike Pence Issues Sly Statement About Donald Trump

Mike Pence was asked about polls showing Trump leading the early GOP field on Thursday’s The Story on Fox News episode. The ex-vice president is allegedly thinking about running against Trump for the nomination.

However, Trump’s former vice president thinks the Republican primary voters in 2024 will choose a candidate other than Trump despite the polls indicating otherwise.

Anchor Martha MacCallum pointed out that when the former president first declared he would participate in the race, Pence said he thought voters in the United States would have better options than him.

McCallum cited current polling results, showing Trump is ahead of Desantis 54% to 24%. 

She said brutally that after that, “It starts with you at 6% and goes down from there.” She asked what he made of the fact that his popularity is high at the moment, 

Pence shot back by suggesting it’s premature to speculate about the candidate.

He remarked, “Hey, it’s early in this process.” 

He said, in his opinion, the options for choices would improve. In 2016, he believed that Donald Trump was the only person who could have defeated Hillary Clinton. To meet this moment and build America at home and abroad, he is confident that in 2024 the GOP  party will select the proper standard bearer. 

Sounding like a potential candidate, he said his household had given much thought to how he may contribute to the options.

MacCallum pressed Pence on how the former president’s legal woes, especially his indictment in Manhattan, might harm his chances. She wanted to know if she should rule him out of the 2024 election because of his legal troubles.

Pence has stated that prosecuting Trump in New York on charges of fabricating business records is a disservice to the country. He said, in the end, he’d instead let the people decide. 

Nonetheless, he said he has faith in Republican primary voters and the American people to select competent leaders.