Migrants Turn Killers – Biden’s CRISIS Grows 

As President Biden faces questions about his competence as President and renewed difficulties in his prospects for the November election, a string of high profile attacks on women by illegal immigrants builds pressure against him from another angle.

Already poised to be a key issue of the 2024 election, illegal immigration has exploded under Biden’s watch, and with it a slate of heinous crimes committed by miscreants that have sheltered within the teeming throngs of humanity flooding northwards to escape the economic and political troubles in their homelands. First came the murder of a Georgia nursing student, then the rape and murder of a Maryland mother of five, then a twelve year-old girl in Texas was strangled to death, and those are just the ones that made national news. Several other local crimes of significant impact have occurred in the past few months, prompting states such as Texas to pass new legislation that has thrown them into pitched court battles against the federal government.

The negative headlines resulting from this immigrant crime wave have forced Biden onto the defensive on the issue, which was already a weak point in his electoral armor. It’s gotten so bad this year that he was forced to address the murder of the Georgia nursing student, Laken Riley, when Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene heckled him from the floor duing the speech.

Riley was kidnapped and murdered while on a jog near the campus of the University of Georgia in February of 2024. The coroner’s report specifies that she died from blunt force trauma. A 26 year-old illegal immigrant from Venezuela, Jose Antonio Ibarra, was eventually arrested for the crime. Customers from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) officially confirmed his illegal status after the arrest, which sparked a national backlash against the Biden administration’s already unpopular immigration enforcement policy.

Following Riley’s death, Georgia passed a law obliging sheriffs to cooperate with Federal immigration enforcement efforts.