Michigan GOP In Tatters As Chair Gets The Boot

The state of politics in the United States is continuing to deteriorate while the culture of the country is one in serious question. America is arguably more divided today than it has ever been since the American Civil War and political tension and polarization is on the rise. Both major political parties have truly governed in irresponsible and incompetent matters for most of the last 60 years and have worked actively against the interests of the average American citizen.

In the present day, it increasingly appears that even the very institutions of the United States are no longer free and stable. Over the last 8 years, Democrats and far left progressives in the judiciary of the federal government and the political realms of Washington DC have tried to use the bureaucracy and the institutions to hinder the political ambitions of Trump. He faced two faulty impeachments that were unprecedented in American history and recently the state supreme court of Colorado attempted to remove him from the presidential primary ballot in that state by questionably citing the 14th amendment to the Constitution. No candidate in American history has ever been barred from a ballot. Claiming Trump had ignited an “insurrection” on January 6th, (despite the fact that Trump had engaged in no political violence whatsoever and has yet to be found guilty of any wrongdoing or exercise his fifth amendment rights to his full extent), they have attempted to prevent him from running. The Supreme Court will eventually rule on the integrity of that decision.

In Michigan, the Republican party is in shambles, and the chair was recently removed from office by establishment figures. The chair had supported Trump in 2020 and his claims that the election was stolen. The party appears to be completely disorganized at the state level and this could prove to be a major deterrent for voters within Michigan. Trump currently leads in many polls within Michigan.