Michael Flynn Was An Election Worker In Florida

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The 2022 midterm elections appear bleak because of the tabulator mishaps in Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey, and numerous other states, but not everything has been disastrous.

General Michael Flynn acting as a poll worker in Florida’s Sarasota County provided a glimmer of hope.

Flynn wrote on Truth Social that he was working the polls in Florida when he noticed that “democrats are furious people, frowns on their faces, all wearing purple and blue.”

In his final remarks, Flynn would contrast the Democrats with the Republicans, who appeared to be happier.

Hats off to Flynn for not just talking about election fraud but taking action to try to stop it.

Flynn had previously appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss how he and his wife had undergone training to become poll observers.

A recruitment video was released urging patriots to become poll watchers.

The words “Your country needs you again” flash across the screen while there are bombing raids by military aircraft, battleships at the ready, and a large number of soldiers marching through the streets.

In the video, the message is “Beat the cheat.”

The brand-new recruitment video was released by The America Project, a group founded by well-known election integrity proponents Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of Overstock.com, and Michael Flynn, a retired general and a former Trump national security adviser. They teamed up in the final weeks before the midterm elections to find ex-military and first responders to staff polling places across the nation.

The video is called “One Last Mission.”

In a separate video launching the campaign, Byrne said, “The America Project has spun up the coup de grâce on the enemy” and asserted that the “bad guys are going to come at us with another rig.”

The left hates these initiatives. They say that Truth the Vote, One Last Mission, and Clean Elections USA seem far more like vigilantism. “There is no need to guard drop boxes with firearms while dressed in tactical gear. That is something that will probably at least intimidate and frighten voters.”

Maybe we wouldn’t need men dressed in tactical gear if Republican poll watchers weren’t thrown out of counting rooms while the windows were papered over so no one could observe what was going on.