Michael Cohen Now Fears For His Life After Betraying Trump

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Michael Cohen, the disgraced former fixer and personal attorney for former President Donald Trump, has been making a lot of noise criticizing Trump in the last few years.

Now, the man who spent a few years in prison for a few felonies, said that he fears that he won’t be safe if Trump becomes president once again in the future.

During an interview with ITK earlier this week, Cohen was asked whether he would be worried about his own safety should Trump ever return to the White House. He responded:

“Yeah, I am. Actually, I’m worried for your safety, too, and everybody else in America.

“My fear is that you’re going to see like what you see in Russia right now. All of these individuals flying out of windows or mysterious deaths of suicide. Donald has a very long list of — we’ll call it an enemies list — and I’m certain that I am definitely on it.”

At one point, Cohen was one of the closest allies to Trump. Now, though, he has become one of the most vocal critics of the former president, calling him both a “predator” and a “con man.”

Despite that, many Republican groups have still reached out to Cohen directly, asking him for donations to the Trump cause. As Cohen commented:

“I’ve never been a Republican. In [1987 and 1988] I worked for Representative Joe Moakley [a Democratic from Massachusetts]. That’s how far back I go to the Democratic Party. But, what’s interesting is every single day, I must get at least 15 to 20 [emails] — and that’s on a light day — from Donald.”

He then imitated a typical fundraising pitch that these emails contain when he said:

“‘Hey, friend. I need you. One thousand times we’re going to increase your donation.’ I’d be curious to know if anybody’s increasing people’s donations or matching 1,000%.”

Cohen believes that this is part of the reason that Trump won’t end up pulling the trigger and officially launching a bid for president in 2024 — despite many flirtations with doing so. As he explained:

“This is the greatest grift for Donald in the history of his entire work experience. [Trump] barely works, doesn’t do anything. People are putting out these letters for him all day long, and he’s raking in $150 million to $200 million. That all comes to an end if he runs.”

What Cohen is referring to is the fact that federal campaign finance regulations come into play the moment that Trump — or any other person — officially announces their candidacy for federal office. So, if Trump were to do that, his fundraising war chest would have to change dramatically.

Cohen has a lot to gain by criticizing Trump in this way, so many people take what he has to say with a grain of salt. He released a book earlier this week titled “Revenge: How Donald Trump Weaponized the U.S. Department of Justice Against His Critics” in which he describes his own fears of Trump serving as president again.