Mexico Demands No Deportations From Texas

The Mexican government has spoken out against the state’s legislation that allows for the detention of undocumented immigrants who cross the southern border. They say Mexico will not accept deportations from Texas.

According to a statement by the Mexican foreign ministry on Tuesday evening, Mexico reaffirmed its right to protect its nationals in the US and set its own immigration policy inside its borders.

Regardless of the actions taken by regional or municipal legislatures, the nation recognizes the importance of developing an international immigration policy that guarantees orderly, courteous, and secure travel.

According to reports, Texas can now detain anybody who enters the state without the proper paperwork, thanks to a recent decision by the US Supreme Court.

However, in a late-night decision by a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel, Texas law was again temporarily halted on Wednesday.

The Mexican foreign ministry strongly condemned Senate Bill 4, a measure passed by the Texas legislature, claiming that it causes racial tensions and family separations by unfairly targeting migrants. More than ten million Texans of Mexican heritage are negatively affected by it, leading to hostile environments, as they pointed out.

In an X post on Tuesday, Mexico’s senior ambassador for the Americas, Roberto Velasco Alvarez, restated the government’s position and stressed the need for bilateral negotiations on immigration.

Using arguments against the use of municipal or state legislation to jail and deport migrants and asylum seekers, Mexico has long voiced its displeasure with the Texas law.

At least five million Mexicans now living and working in the US without proper documentation have asked President Joe Biden’s administration for legal status, according to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s statement last week.

On top of that, he said that the U.S. embargo against Cuba and sanctions against Venezuela would discourage migration if lifted.

He likewise rejected calls for border fences or closures as nothing more than “electoral propaganda.”