Mexican Government Halts Global Cooling Project By Scientists

( )- Mexico’s government announced it would prohibit and, where appropriate, terminate experimentation with solar geoengineering. The founder, Luke Iseman, declared on Wednesday that his company would halt activities there.

According to a report, the Mexican government stated that the company’s initial launches were carried out without previous warning and without the agreement of the Government of Mexico and the nearby populations.

Iseman claimed to the media that no law stops him from doing this and that the right course of action is to do it from the United States or a U.S. territory.

Iseman and Andrew Song’s company, Make Sunsets, founded in October with seed funding of $750,000 from two venture capital firms, had already sent two balloons to inject sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. They claimed it would reflect sunlight away from the Earth and lessen the effects of global warming.

According to its business plan, the startup intended to charge $10 for “cooling credits” that would be used to discharge at least 1 gram of ‘clouds’ into the stratosphere, balancing the warming effect of 1 ton of carbon dioxide for one year.

Iseman told foreign media the world he was born into had a poorly geoengineered atmosphere, and for the previous two hundred years, everyone before me had been generating massive amounts of carbon dioxide to create the present world. He wants to correct it with geoengineering.

The company’s strategy has not been thoroughly investigated, but according to  Iseman,  there is no time to wait for studies.

Make Sunsets was warned against using the term geoengineering and stick with the technical term for reflecting sunlight, albedo enhancement, to describe its technique instead.

Iseman explained to foreign media that besides increasing the amount of albedo, he hadn’t seen anything that could keep global warming below two degrees Celsius. Iseman told the reporter that the situation could become deadly, and he was the only one trying to save the planet.