Melania Trump Announces New Public Venture

( )- Remember when the left-wing press started claiming that former First Lady Melania Trump wouldn’t get back on the campaign trail with former President Donald Trump, and that she has washed her hands of his political ambitions?

Well, their lies are already unraveling, as the former first lady has finally re-entered public life and started a new social media campaign. Melania Trump has begun promoting a new non-fungible token, which is a cryptocurrency-connected method of purchasing and sharing digital art, as part of her ongoing campaign to help American children.

The NFT, titled “Melania’s Vision,” is a watercolor painting of one of her eyes, painted By French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon.

In a statement shared on her social media accounts, Melania Trump wrote:

“I am proud to announce my new NFT endeavor, which embodies my passion for the arts and will support my ongoing commitment to children through my ‘Be Best’ initiative.”

The NFT description describes how Melania Trump has an “enlightening” journey from Slovenia, through Europe, and into the United States of America where she eventually became the first lady.

“The beauty and hardships of individuals, majestic landscapes and profound architecture have entered her lens and remain in her heart,” the description continues.

Not only is Melania Trump selling the new NFTs to help charities that support children, but she was also recently named one of the most admired women of 2021 in a poll, and recently sent boxes filled with gifts to the family of a young girl who was recently injured in the destructive Missouri tornado.

Melania Trump is very much back in the public eye – and just in time. With the Biden administration raising prices and causing yet more division in American society, we could do with her positive influence in the public sphere…