Megyn Kelly Says Hunter Biden “Should Not Have Been There”

After ripping into “The View,” co-host Ana Navarro for her “ridiculous” defense of President Biden, independent journalist Megyn Kelly tore into the President for inappropriately allowing his mentally challenged son Hunter Biden attend a State banquet last week.

Josh Holmes,  John Ashbrook, and Michael Duncan are the hosts of the Ruthless podcast, and Kelly talked to them on Tuesday. They discussed the consequences of Hunter Biden’s haughty presence at the dinner and Navarro’s slavish defense of the president for inviting him.

Kelly aired a clip of Navarro’s Friday attempt to portray Biden as a concerned parent, despite Navarro’s failure to mention the illegal activities of Biden’s son and, presumably, the president himself. 

According to the co-host on “The View,” the takeaway on the Hunter scandal was that this “just shows his love for his son.”

In the video, Navarro cried while making a false statement about the President’s connection with his rebellious son.

“The Hunter Biden story… it’s also the story of a father’s love, and Joe Biden has never and will never give up on his son Hunter.

Kelly was quite offended by Navarro’s take and the misinformation she spewed.

Kelly ranted that you can still love your child and recognize it’s inappropriate to invite him to an event that is not one’s private party.

Last week, the White House hosted a state dinner in honor of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

Kelly and the panel laughed at Duncan’s remark that President Trump inviting Hunter Biden to the State banquet is the same as President Bill Clinton inviting Monica Lewinsky to an event.

Duncan said he’s embarrassing us at formal gatherings in front of foreign dignitaries.

Holmes brought up the absurdity of bringing a crack addict who has pled guilty to tax-related misdemeanors and has been engaged with prostitutes to a White House State banquet because he is a relative.

On the same episode of “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin brought up Hunter Biden’s drug abuse and implied that the public lacked sympathy for him.

Hostin said the whole thing is “a father trying to keep his son, who suffers from addiction, close.”

It’s the left’s new favorite excuse for supporting everything Biden does.