Megyn Kelly Reports A MONEY SCHEME – Entire Nation At Risk…

( )- Last week, host Megyn Kelly blasted the media and the Democrats for overhyping the anniversary of the 3-hour riot at the Capitol on January 6.

During her Sirius XM show last Thursday, Kelly hammered the Democrats and their media propagandists for treating a brief riot as if it was another 9/11. She pointed out that the only person killed that day was Ashli Babbitt and slammed the Democrats and President Biden for continuing to claim that police officer Brian Sicknick died from injuries he sustained on January 6.

She also slammed the media for ignoring the medical examiner’s report showing Sicknick died of natural causes.

On a side note, President Biden along with several Democrat lawmakers also included among the officers “killed” because of January 6 the Capitol Hill Police officer who was killed months later when a Nation of Islam follower plowed his vehicle into him.

Officer Bill Evans was killed on April 2, 2021. But President Biden claimed that he was killed “in the wake of January 6” as if the two incidents were connected.

Kelly expressed frustration at the media for overhyping the riot. She said she was sick of the media’s misrepresentations of January 6, adding that the three-hour melee doesn’t deserve a day of vigils and moments of silence.

Kelly also said that comparisons between January 6 and 9/11 are an insult to the families of the three thousand killed in that terrorist attack.

Ultimately, Kelly said the reason the cable networks are overhyping January 6 is to boost their flagging ratings. The January 6 riot gave CNN and MSNBC a huge boost in ratings and they’re hoping lightning will strike twice.

Sadly for CNN, who went all-in on its anniversary coverage, lightning did not strike twice. The cable news outlet failed to garner 800K viewers for their overblown coverage last week.

Watch Megyn Kelly’s segment: