Megyn Kelly Challenges Ron DeSantis To Debate Her: “He’s Afraid”

( )- Megyn Kelly has challenged Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to a debate on her show but said that he was “afraid,” which is why he has not replied to her, according to Mediaite. During an episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” earlier this week, commentators Evita Duffy and Amala Ekpunobi joined the former Fox News host to discuss many political issues, including the feud between former President Donald Trump and DeSantis. 

Kelly painted the two as different characters, with Trump willing to take “social risks.” By contrast, she said that DeSantis is not able to charm a room. She pointed out that DeSantis was recently interviewed by Piers Morgan, who she calls a friend. But Kelly also remarked that the reason DeSantis went on Morgan’s show and not hers is because he is afraid. 

“He’s not gonna get a pass,” Kelly said, adding that none of the presidential candidates she has interviewed ever got a pass, including Trump. She said that journalists should be tough with the candidates because their job is not to get in the good graces of the politicians. 

Kelly continued to talk about what it means to be a journalist and reporter, suggesting that it is their job to be “adversarial” because the candidates are “not your friend.” While taking a jab at the mainstream media, she criticized some journalists rushing to cover for Biden and others rushing to cover for Trump. 

“Stop falling in love with politicians,” she continued. 

The former Fox News host has had a tumultuous relationship with the former president while on the campaign trail. She had asked him about his previous comments about women, calling them “fat pigs, dogs, and slobs.” But Trump dismissed the criticism as political correctness. 

Trump also retweeted a follower who called Kelly a “bimbo.”