Megyn Kelly Attacks Olivia Wilde For Trying To Defame Jordan Peterson

( )- Megyn Kelly verbally defecated on “Don’t Worry Darling,” the new film directed by Olivia Wilde, for its criticism of Dr. Jordan Peterson. Kelly’s rant was on her podcast. According to what Kelly has read about the movie, she described it as “a man-hating film.” The movie also has a #MeToo theme, and Peterson is portrayed in the movie as “some sort of devil.”

During Thursday’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Sirius XM, the host discussed Wilde’s comments on Peterson with Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro. The statements are an illustration of how the Left despises those who don’t fall into a particular demographic for political purposes, such as young guys.

“The nerve of Olivia Wilde to refer to Jordan Peterson as a pseudo-intellectual as though she knows anything, I mean literally anything,” Kelly said, referring to Wilde’s “incel” comment in which the actress/director compared Peterson to “disenfranchised mostly white men, who believe they are entitled to sex from woman,” among other things.

According to Shapiro, Peterson’s philosophical position is that men are endowed with a “mission” and are obligated to “battle.” He stated that Peterson is correct in his assertion that “guys do have toxic masculinity inside of them, and you must fight it while trying to aspire to be a gentleman.

The host mentioned that “in 2019, men accounted for 80% of all suicide deaths in America” and then went on to add that “studies also suggest that a majority of American men who die by suicide have no known history of mental health problems.”

Kelly expanded on her thesis. She said men don’t talk about their problems. It’s not that men don’t have any issues with their mental health; it’s just that they don’t usually communicate well about their issues. And they get attacked when they talk to a person or subscribe to Jordan Peterson or anybody else who speaks about these topics.

The fact that Jordan Peterson is so popular among the disenfranchised speaks to his value. But they are included in a movie starring Olivia Wilde as some sort of demon.

To that, Megan Kelly said, “screw her!”

And that is exactly what these men need!