Meghan Markle Is Hurt People Don’t Believe Her Car Chase Happened

Meghan Markle was scheduled to collect an award last night for her podcast at the Gracie Awards in California. Archetypes is a moderately successful podcast for Markle, charting at number 27 in the U.S. 

Instead, a week after being involved in a “relentless” and “near catastrophic” automobile chase with paparazzi, Meghan chose against traveling with Prince Harry. 

Us Weekly spoke about how she and Harry felt about the backlash they received after their car pursuit went viral and rumors began to spread about her whereabouts.

The insider claims to be “shocked” by the allegations. They claim the assertions that their story of the automobile chase was embellished are offensive and unpleasant.

A reliable source has assured us that they won’t hide in the shadows for fear of exposure. The public’s treatment of them will not silence them. They are even more committed to maintaining their tradition of speaking up when they see injustice.

According to their spokeswoman, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Ms. Ragland engaged in a dangerous automobile pursuit with a group of hostile photographers. 

According to the statement, the relentless pursuit lasted for almost two hours, resulting in many near-collisions involving other vehicles, pedestrians, and two New York City police officers. While it’s inevitable that someone of celebrity status will be subjected to intense scrutiny, such attention should not put their safety at risk.

In an interview with Ashley Hansen, the couple’s publicist, she expounded on claims that Meghan and Harry staged the chase.

The newspaper mentioned that Prince Harry’s attorney had been in court in London just hours before the chase in New York City. Harry’s lawyer argued that his client should be able to appeal the government’s decision not to let him pay for police protection during his trips to the United Kingdom.

The court rejected Harry’s appeal as expected.

Hansen debunked the idea that the chase had been planned. 

Respectfully, it is difficult to imagine that this is a publicity stunt considering the duke’s family history, which includes his mother, Princess Diana, being slain in 1997 when photographers were chasing her vehicle in Paris. 

He voiced his disgust at the idea.