Media Turns on Kyrsten Sinema

( )- Remember when Krysten Sinema was first elected to the Senate in 2018? Oh, but the media went wild. She was the first bisexual Senator in history! She’s quirky! She’s fashionable! They couldn’t get enough of her.

That was then.

Now that she’s standing in the way of the Democrats passing a massive, over-bloated, economy-killing $3.5 trillion spending bill, the knives have come out for Kyrsten Sinema.

This week when the Arizona Senator presided over the Senate wearing a black T-shirt and denim vest, the same people who gushed over her risky fashion choices sputtered with indignant rage, bemoaning her lack of “decorum” and “disrespect” for Senate norms.

NBC News published an op-ed from a bisexual woman named Lux Alptraum asking “Is Kyrsten Sinema bad for bisexual Americans?” which revealed far more about Lux Alptraum than it did about Sinema.

It’s clear from the op-ed that that Sinema’s only failure was not living up to the Alptraum’s unrealistic expectations.

Alptraum believed that when Sinema first got to the Senate she would be “willing and able to stand up to the far right.” Now, the writer whines, she’s just “an unreliable centrist” and a “self-absorbed turncoat.” Alptraum expresses disappointment that Sinema isn’t “uplifting” the bisexual community.

Yes, mostly because Kyrsten Sinema wasn’t elected to the Senate to “uplift” an identity group, Lux; she was elected to the Senate to serve the state of Arizona.

What troubles Lux Alptraum is that Sinema, being the “most prominent bisexual woman in the nation,” should be making more of an effort to be “less of a stereotype.”

But isn’t Lux Alptraum the one stereotyping here?

What she expects Kyrsten Sinema to do is fall in lock-step with the LGBT activists. Lux Alptraum doesn’t believe that anyone who identifies as gay or bisexual should be allowed to think for herself.

But Lux Alptraum isn’t alone in turning on Sinema.

The left-wing website LGBTQNation published an op-ed telling its readers “LGBTQ people need to wash our hands of Kyrsten Sinema. She doesn’t deserve our support.”

Both Alptraum’s op-ed and this huffy column inadvertently expose the truth about the Left. They don’t believe in “tolerance” and they certainly don’t believe in “diversity.” Instead, their message to Kyrsten Sinema is “conform or you’re a traitor.”