Media Is Pushing Narrative That Trump Colluded With Putin With Nuke Top Secrets

( )- An MSNBC panel is now alleging that Trump is colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin over nuclear secrets, according to Summit News. The allegations come after the FBI raided the former president’s home in Mar-a-Lago and Democrats speculate that he could be indicted under the Espionage Act.

The left likes to project their party’s own offenses onto Trump, such as collusion with a foreign entity, which points more succinctly to Hunter Biden and the Burisma deal, or more recently that Trump has violated the Presidential Records Act when he allegedly kept classified documents from the National Archive, which more closely fits Hillary Clinton and her deletion of thousands of emails containing top secret information.

MSNBC Tiffany Cross asked guest Andy Weber, a former Department of Defense official, who could have the most to benefit from “trafficked” information pertaining to nuclear secrets. “You think about Donald Trump’s relationships with the Saudis, his relationships with the Russians, and the fact that he really appears to have no allegiance to America,” Cross added.

“We don’t know what information was in these documents. But my best guess would be, President Putin would stand the most to gain, to having access to our most classified nuclear weapons information,” Weber answered.

Cross then called the former president a traitor and the panel began to fantasize about what the possible punishment would be. They then brought on a legal analyst who said that Trump could face up to ten years in prison.

“The punishment, under the statute that is cited in the search warrant materials, it’s a ten-year federal felony,” Kirschner stated, suggesting Trump committed “a violation of 793, which is gathering, transmitting, or losing national security or national defense information,” the analyst said.

Republicans have criticized the Department of Justice and the FBI for their partisan raid on Trump, whose lawyers claim that the FBI demanded they turn off the cameras as they forcefully entered the home with backpacks and stayed for nine and a half hours.