Media Didn’t Ask About Hillary Clinton’s FEC Fines During Interview

( )- Did you hear that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was fined by the Federal Elections Commission last week for paying for the Steele Dossier? The document that contained fraudulent and fabricated information implicating candidate Donald Trump in a collusion scheme with Russia, and which established an FBI investigation into those claims?


That’s probably because the mainstream media is completely ignoring the story – just like they did the Hunter Biden story.

NBC’s Chuck Todd interviewed Clinton on Sunday morning, but didn’t ask her anything about the fact that she paid for a fake dossier and pushed factually inaccurate and malicious claims about President Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign and after.

During the “Meet the Press’ interview over the weekend, Clinton answered easy questions about her view on domestic political issues and foreign policy.

Clinton even claimed during the interview that the Republican Party has gone to the “extreme,” and “saying and doing things that have no basis in reality.”

This from a woman who represents a party that says men are women and women don’t exist.

Wouldn’t you think that it would be good to ask this failed presidential candidate how she feels being fined by the FEC for paying for the dossier?

We already know that the DNC paid $105,000 for the report and Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid $8,000 for it.

Presumably, the media knows it, too.

The fact that they are now ignoring this story could give us an insight into what the left thinks about 2024. Is the media trying to protect Hillary Clinton, knowing that she’s a viable candidate for the Democrats in 2024?

Or are the media outlets just protecting Hillary Clinton because they’re afraid of what she might do to them?