Media And Democrats Are Asking GOP To Call Off This Campaign

( )- In the media’s ongoing quest to convince voters that the nudist-loving, drug-addicted Canadian illegal alien who was living in a camper van outside of a so-called “Hippie Collective” in far-Left Berkeley, California is somehow linked to Republican “rhetoric,” CBS News’s Margaret Brennan hectored the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee for a tweet he sent and for Republicans spending millions on ads that mention Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

During last Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” Brennan badgered NRCC chair, Minnesota Congressman Tom Emmer, about all the campaign ads that mention Nancy Pelosi, accusing him and the Republicans of being responsible for the political violence that led to Paul Pelosi being attacked by a mentally ill hippie nudist.

Brennan cited a video Emmer posted on Twitter that week showing him shooting at a firing range. In the tweet, Emmer said he had enjoyed “exercising my Second Amendment Rights.” In a separate line, Emmer added, “13 days to make history. Let’s #FirePelosi.” She badgered Emmer saying firing Pelosi has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. Emmer countered that it had everything to do with the Second Amendment.

But Brennan pressed on, claiming Emmer’s tweet was “suggestive. She asked if he thought it was “risky” “in the current environment.”

But Tom Emmer was prepared. He noted the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot up a baseball field in 2017 nearly killing Congressman Steve Scalise, adding that nobody in the media blamed the Democrats for that.

The slippery Brennan countered that the media extensively reported on Scalice’s shooting, which would have been a great response if Emmer said the media ignored the story.

But Emmer didn’t let her get away with it. He reiterated that nobody in the media tried to link Scalise’s shooting to Democrat rhetoric.

Beaten, Brennan cut him off and snapped that she wasn’t talking about rhetoric. She was talking about him posting a video of him shooting a gun.

Brennan then changed gears, pointing out that Republican candidates in this election have spent $116 million on ads mentioning Pelosi “by name” and demanded Republicans pull all the “Fire Pelosi” ads.