McCarthy Unveils Bombshell Video of Biden Testimony

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is stepping up his efforts to go after President Joe Biden and members of his administration over how they handled – or, rather, mishandled – the investigation into the president’s son, Hunter Biden.

On Tuesday, McCarthy played a video for his fellow House Republicans showing the president denying all wrongdoing about business dealings revolved around his family.

The video was played for them only one day before an IRS whistleblower was set to testify to Congress that the entire Hunter Biden investigation was politicized from the start.

Fox News Digital obtained an exclusive copy of the video that McCarthy played for fellow Republicans, and it shows the full timeline of the president defending the actions of his family.

Yet, the video ends with Gary Shapley, the IRS whistleblower, saying the probe the IRS conducted that he was once a part of wasn’t allowed to take steps “that could have led us to President Biden.”

Shapley, along with another whistleblower, were set to testify before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee that the Department of Justice interfered with the investigation the IRS was conducting into Hunter Biden and his various business dealings. 

The hearing was being held after two separate probes by the House Judiciary Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee concluded into Hunter as well as James Biden, who is the president’s brother.

One source who was familiar with the efforts McCarthy is undertaking spoke to Fox News Digital and said:

“This video is what the speaker is using to educate the broader House Republican conference on the status of the Biden family investigation.”

GOP leaders in the House are placing a lot of importance on the investigation into Hunter Biden, his business dealings and how the president himself – or at least higher-ups in the administration – may have prevented the probe from going down certain paths.

This has been a majority priority of many Republicans since they took the majority in the House last year.

The Hunter Biden investigation has been one theme that Republicans in the House have been able to unify behind, even as the conference as a whole has seemed very fractured since they took over. 

Last month, Hunter Biden agreed to a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney in Delaware that will see him plead guilty to a felony count of firearms possession and a misdemeanor count of tax charges. He won’t do any time in jail as a result of those guilty pleas, if all goes well for him at sentencing.

Many people believe that Hunter Biden got a sweetheart deal there that probably wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t the president’s son.

While McCarthy has been able to get plenty of support for his efforts in this realm, he has received a lot of pushback on annual appropriations and the defense spending bill, for example. Republicans only have a slight majority in the House, and McCarthy himself only won the gavel after multiple rounds of intense voting and negotiation among a small group of conservative holdouts.