McCarthy Predicts Biden Impeachment On The Horizon

Given the growing corruption controversy involving President Biden and his son Hunter, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has predicted that Republicans would soon collect enough evidence to launch an impeachment probe against the president.

McCarthy, R-Calif., brought up the recent finding by the House Oversight Committee that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, took advantage of a financial link with a Romanian citizen who was subsequently found guilty of corruption during Joe Biden’s term as vice president.

In June, James Comer (R-Kentucky), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, revealed that the Bidens had collected almost $1 million in 17 separate payments.

On Monday, McCarthy claimed that 16 17 payments were made to what he called “Biden shell companies” when President Biden was in office as vice president. Comer said in his prepared speech that the senior Biden had lectured Romania on anti-corruption legislation while serving as a walking billboard for his family to solicit donations.

During his presidential campaign, Vice President Biden said he and Hunter “have never discussed Hunter’s business.” McCarthy said on Hannity, McCarthy said we now know he lied when he told his family he never received a dollar from China.

McCarthy noted that the FBI 1023 form revealed that Biden got $5 million from a Burisma CEO when he was vice president and that Hunter was a board member.

Biden has often denied that he and Hunter discussed or collaborated on commercial matters. He recently brushed off a New York Post reporter’s inquiry about why he is supposedly called the “big guy” on an FBI form. This moniker appears again in a communication uncovered in previously disclosed Hunter files.

McCarthy said that if not for the Republicans’ victory, the country may never have learned any of this. He said all they did was follow the trail of clues. Now it’s evolved into impeachment hearings, during which Congress has the most authority to get the answers they need.

McCarthy went on to accuse Biden of doing things with the weaponization of government that haven’t been seen in the White House since President Richard M. Nixon.